Past Events

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Organ Concert by Gary Garletts

Sunday, August 6,2023, 4 pm, First Parish Unitarian Church, Parker and Main Streets

Gary Garletts, renowned organist and Artistic Director and Conductor for the Chester County Choral Society, gave a beautiful performance on First Parish's historic organ. The Hook Organ is one of the oldest unaltered two-manual organis in the country. It was built in 1842 and arrived at First Parish in 1870. Garletts has been Director of Music and Organist at Ardmore Presbyterian Church since 1999.

Click here for more information about the concert and the unique Hook Organ.

Hymns of Northfield

Sunday, July 30, 2023, 2pm, Community Bible Church, 105 Main Street

Many well-known Christian hymns were written by Northfield residents and frequent visitors, or first introduced at the Northfield Summer Conferences begun by D.L. Moody in the 1880’s and drawing thousands to the town each summer well into the twentieth century. Pastor Bob Emberley and others will talk about the history of the hymns that have local significance. Audience participation is encouraged in the singing of the hymns. Pastor Emberley will also speak of Mr. Moody’s relationship to the place where the Community Bible Church (CBC) now stands. This event is co-sponsored by CBC and the C.S. Lewis Study Center as part of Northfield’s 350th celebration year. Historical memorabilia will be on display, including several editions of the Northfield hymnals, a vintage pump organ, and biographies and photos of significant composers and hymnwriters such as Ira Sankey, Fanny Crosby, P.P. Bliss, May Whittle Moody, and Daniel Towner.

To listen to a sound clip from this wonderful concert, click here.

D.L. Moody - A Life

Sunday, July 23, 2023, 2pm, Trinitarian Church, 147 Main Street.

Kevin Belmonte, biographer of Dwight L. Moody, talked about Moody's humble birth and early years in Northfield and the international reach that his educational, evangelical and ecumenical mission to spread the Gospel had on so many levels and individuals. Northfield has been forever changed by Dwight Moody. Click here to see and enjoy this presentation.

Thank you BNCTV for the film.

Northfield Chateau

Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 4:30pm to 7:00pm, DVAA (Fiddlehead Gallery), 105 Main Street

Nearly six decades after the Northfield Chateau’s demolition and three since local artist Jack Nelson immortalized it in clay, the to-scale replica will be on display at Fiddlehead's Gallery. Sculptor Jack Nelson offered a talk about the history of this beautiful Northfield landmark. View this informative session by clicking here.

Thank you BNCTV for the film.

Trains of Northfield

Sunday June 11, 2023, 2-4pm, West Northfield Playground, 687 Mt. Hermon Station Rd.

Philip Johnson - Presenter. Talk and slides of Northfield's trains and many train stations. Click here to view the session. Thank you to BNCTV for the film.

Sacred Music by Timothy Swan

Swan Singers - Saturday June 10, 2023, 3pm, Trinitarian Church, 147 Main Street

A house has many stories, just as people do. The house at 88 Main Street, built in 1807, is gone now but the people who lived there and the things they accomplished live on. This is the first event in a three-event series celebrating the rich history of 88 Main Street.

The group Swan Singers was formed to bring to audiences the unique form of music used in the 18th century known as ‘shapenote singing'. In his time, Swan’s songs were sung and performed throughout the early American colonies making him as famous in his time as the Beatles have been in ours. "The Swan Singers will perform 12 pieces by Timothy Swan which likely have not been sung in over 200 years". Click here to enjoy the recording of this performance. Thank you BNCTV for providing the recording.

Mill Brook Trail Walk

Mill Brook Trail Walk

Sunday, May 7, 2023, 1 PM, Mill Brook Trail.

Notes from this interesting talk can be found here.