Steering Committee

A very enthusiastic and dedicated group comprise the Northfield 350th Anniversary Committee. Officers include: Stacy Bond - Chair, Mary King – Secretary, and Lindsay McCarthy -Treasurer. Other members of this committee are: Joan and Steve Stoia, Magda Ponce-Castro, Bruce Kahn, Pat Shearer, Rhoda Yukavitch and Alex Meisner.

Focus Groups

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Northfield, Mass

In the early spring of 2021, several focus groups were formed to assume the enormous tasks needed to produce a year-long commemoration. In addition to the coordinators, each group has a bank of volunteers whose efforts are integral to the success of this celebration. All are to be applauded and appreciated. The focus groups are:

  • Community Engagement
    • Fundraising, Marketing and Sales: Joan and Steve Stoia – Coordinators
  • Programming
    • Parade: Magda Ponce-Castro – Coordinator
    • Historical: Mary King – Coordinator
    • Entertainment: Bruce Kahn – Coordinator
    • Kids Programming: Pat Shearer and Rhoda Yukavitch – Coordinators

Kids Programming Committee at Work

All of the committees of the 350th Anniversary have been meeting regularly for more than a year to design interesting and fun activities, programs and events for the 2023 year.

This photo is of a recent meeting of the Kids Programming Group. Lots of fun and interesting activities and programs are in the works for kids and families! Check the Schedule tab on this website for the current planned schedule.

Logo Contest

logo by Michael LaCoy

A call for entries for an official logo was answered by seven creative people. Thank you Michael LaCoy, Jerry Wagener, Jesse Morgan, Tara Conway, Emma Hathaway, Annie Chappell and Erik Bowen for taking the time and offering your talents. After extensive deliberation, Michael LaCoy's logo entry was selected.